Refer A Freind

Dear Dennis,
My daily life is much calmer and more peaceful now that I am practicing the techniques I learned from Samada. I will continue the practice of living the Samada Life.. Thank you!”
—Julie M, 

I had a nicotine problem and tried everything from gum to the patches and even hypnotism nothing seem to hold and then I was recommended to your program and I would like to happily state now, that I have been tobacco free for more than two years. However not only did I stop smoking but because I have followed your teaching for self meditation I have been able to achieve other goals. I am in a beautiful loving relationship and will be married this coming October and as for my career in the arts has become more than I ever thought possible before I discovered and put into practice the Samada Life Philosophy.


I came to you on referral from my doctor to help me quit smoking. Not only have I quit smoking (four months now) but I also lost 9 pounds my blood pressure has almost come into the normal range. My doctor jokes that you are putting her out of business.
—Ursula K


A  Registered Nurse writes:
Three years ago my mother passed on and although I loved my Mother dearly we had some unresolved issues. After one session of your guided soul meditation I came to a complete understanding with my mother and it seems strange to say this but I now know her and love her more than ever. We are truly at peace. Thank you and God Bless you.
—Marlene G. 


A Real Etate Agent: 
I am writing this testimonial so that others who are in the same situation as I had been may seek out your advice and guidance. Initially I was referred to you by a long time business associate. I had confided with her that I was having a big problem getting enough sleep and she promptly made the appointment for me to see you. My first appointment included a thorough physical and mental evaluation and a deep relaxing soul meditation therapy after which I felt relaxed and rejuvenated to the point that when I arrived home my husband's first comment to me was that I looked years younger. That week I practiced the deep soul meditation that you taught me and it did help me a little. Now after seven sessions I am sleeping every night through. During our sessions your counseling has helped me in all aspects of my life I have made a complete turn around before I felt irritable, moody, depressed, anxious, lacking confidence and eating too much. Now, today I feel like a new person who is relaxed and confident. Everyone, husband, sisters, friends, children and business associates have noticed the physical and mental change in me. I am so happy everyday is a new adventure. Thank you again.
—Antoinette  M


Self employed long distance driver writes:
When I first met you and we talked about everything that was going on in my life at the time I didn't realize that by way of meditation we would clarify what was causing my stress and I came to a changing point. I was ignorant of how to live a peaceful life. Now I know and I am very grateful.  I went from taking seven different pills a day for treating insomnia,hypertension, high cholesterol, anxiety, severe heartburn, to taking just one milligram of Cardura once every third day for a slightly enlarged prostate.. With Dr. Finan’s guidance and care and your counsel and meditation therapy I feel like a new person. All the symptoms are gone, my business is running smooth and I am relaxed. I am also writing a letter of appreciation to Dr. Finan. The two of you make a great team.
—Sincerely Mike R


 A Samada Life Holistic Counselor writes:

I want to thank you for selecting me to become a Samada Life Holistic Counselor. One year ago I completed the course and became certified.  I just hand out my card and people start asking questions and before you know it I have a new client to help, The feeling is great. I continue working my job as a accident adjuster. I have helped so many people that the referals just keep coming just like you said they would. - Best Wishes, Samantha Travisano 


No different than most people I have had doubts about immortality, I was looking for an understanding of life and my purpose when I was introduced to the Samada Life Program. Although late in my life ( I'm 78 ) I decided  to enroll online in the Samada Counselor Program, not to become an active counselor but just to get a better  understanding of the Samadaian Philosophy. I now have a purpose in life and my life has meaning and through soul meditation I feel at peace with myself and I have come to understand and truly believe in mankind's immortality. Samada is very worthwhile. Sid of Bloomfield Hills, MI
P.S. Probably the best thing that happened to me is that I now sleep thru the night, feels good.