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Spirits & Angels
Metaphysical Question:

I am often asked if there are such entities as Angels and spirits?

Can we communicate with them?

This is an area of knowledge that is defined by the paranormal or metaphysical  nature of our valid illussion. If a person has belief in the spiritual world, a place of a different dimension where their deceased relatives and friends actually exist, then to this person the belief in angels and spirits and this alternate dimension is reality and is logical. If we can logically think it then whatever that thought is can become our valid illussion (that is reality to most people.) Our mind our spirit, our soul is the catalyst reasoning processor, and interpreter of the spiritual fountain of this reality. For believers the communicating with spirits and angels is not only possible it is reality. If you believe that spirits and angels exist then for you they do.  If you believe as I surely do, that spirits can give you guidance and protection during your physical life… They can and that will provide you with comfort and  peace. 


 CAN YOU FEEL IT? Have you ever felt a communication with a deceased friend or relative? Do you talk to your guardian angel.


The spirit world can be here and now…Guided Tantric Meditation for individuals or families. .

 Targeted meditation by appointment Call Dennis Francis @ 239 233 3860  

By way of Samada Tantric Meditation spirit seeking beings (you ) travel the waves of life beyond death, the actual sea where the karmic life of the past exists where you will be able to intervene as an audience or as a participant in dialogue.    

Normally we do not see the spirit region because this is generally accepted as a law of the creation. Many people have a longing to communicate with a deceased relative or a friend.  Dennis Francis will assist you, not as a medium or psychic, but through deep soul meditation Dennis Francis will guide you… and you… yourself will feel and communicate with the spirit world.


Dennis Francis has been trained in  the Secret Samada Tantric method  not as a medium or psychic but through deep soul meditation he will guide you… and you… yourself will feel and communicate with the spirit world.