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Peace & Prosperity


Samada Philosophy teaches that at this moment in our time the karmic forces are trending towards a betterment of life but the process crawls along and we are iinpatient but in time and you will see that all of mankind will be at peace, Enjoy the adventure and do your part by being Samadian.   

To be Samadian means that we should desire peace, prosperity and happiness for all people. Once you have as your intent to spread peace and prosperity, just one person at a time, you will find your peace and you will prosper. and you will find your happiness. This is a Karmic law.


We know that people will argue that it is simplistic or naive to think that goals of peace and prosperity are  possible. I agree that conflict at this moment is a human tendency that is advanced by people out of ignorance, greed and fear… inflamed by misinformation and flawed illusions. However, conversely we know that the desire for peace, prosperity and happiness are also human tendencies that are advanced by truth, compassion, integrity and courage… therein is the struggle between peace and conflict.


Having worthy aspirations are fundamental to any person’s happiness and there is no loftier goal than the desire for peace and prosperity for yourself and for mankind. And because your attempt is just one person at a time, within your circle of influence, you will see that the results are very doable. If you are a clear thinking person of courage who possess’ integrity and compassion then you are more than likely inclined to the moral principles of peace,  prosperity and happiness for your fellow man. 


L-U-C-K Begin each day with the acronym LUCK in your mind as you go through the day think L is for LOVE, U is for UNDERSTANDING, C is for COMPASSION and K is for KARMA.


When you are interacting think that the person deserves your LOVE, Try your best to UNDERSTAND their feelings and motivation, UNDERSTAND that they too have a compassionate soul, UNDERSTAND that you are soul to soul connected. By way of your understanding be COMPASSIONATE. Remember that it is the KARMA from the beginning of time that has brought you to this exact moment. Do the right thing. L-U-C-K.  


                                                            DARE TO BE HAPPY!  


This is your goal: Keep in mind that all people deserve as you do,  peace, prosperity and happiness and as you interact with people, you don't have to go far, as you interact with your family, friends and everyday people that you come in contact with have love and compassion in your heart understand their feelings and  Help one person at a time to be peaceful, enlightened and prosperous. LUCK

 And a final thought Jesus said: if we could clean our houses, palaces and temples of the attributes of wealth and show in them the attributes of morality we could fight all hostile forces without military strength.

Make this world the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything will be added unto you.