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SAMADA LIFE MEND PROGRAM is customized for each individuals needs and circumstances. So, no two programs are alike.

Anyone who follows the Samada Life Mend Program for Health and Fitness will live longer, feel great, be happier, will feel and look more youthful.

M.E.N.D. is the acronym for the customized program that a Samada Life Counselor designs for a client. The acronym is: M for Meditation, E for Exercise, N is for nutrition and D for Detoxification. While Samada Philosophy recognizes the need for Medical Doctors the real healing is within you. Usually but not always the human body can best defend and protect its self. The body is a complex chemical factory where between 50 and 75 trillions of cells are constantly communicating and computing how to best survive. Science has made some advances to the understanding of the complexities of functionality of your innate system which processes billions of messages every second, 24 hours a day for the purpose of survival. So while the scientist and medical doctors deserves praise for their accomplishments their knowledge of the complexities of human life is equivalent to a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. The point being that whenever we take medication there are always unintended consequences. Rather than relying on medicines, herbal concoctions, we should chose to live a simple healthy life style for prevention of disease, it's really not that difficult, and it’s mostly common sense. Everyone is confronted with real (not imagined) medical problems and what should we do... consult a trusted health professional who has your best interest at heart. However, be careful when choosing your health professional... Pharmacology and the deliverance of Medical care is a for profit business and there are more unscrupulous, greedy charlatans than dedicated medical professionals the result of which is that the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, stroke, and cancer is hospitals and doctors.

Any substance, and all physical and mental activity that comes in contact with you is reacted to by your system and is analyzed and dealt with. We do know some things, like stress is detrimental to your well being, it causes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, depression and a myriad physical problems... So therefore we conclude that we should try to avoid stress but some times that is not possible. For these reasons Samada Life has developed the MEND program.

Anyone who follows the Samada Life Mend Program for Health and Fitness will live longer, feel great, be happier, will feel and look more youthful. Here's how it works. The Counselor begins by conducting an extensive interview with you covering the aspects of your life that effect your health. From the information of the interview the counselor and you write up the a MEND plan.


The Samada Counselor will customize your health meditation and will guide you through your health meditation until you are able to perform the meditation on your own. The meditation will support you to keep focused on your goals. The regular Samada Meditation practitioners have been the subjects of clinical research on the benefits of meditation, such as the study that showed that people who'd meditated regularly were years younger physiologically than non mediators.


The complex machine you're living in was designed to move. The Samada Exercise Plan for you will be individualized to your specific state of health and will incrementally improve your strength and cardio condition. Most medical evidence bears out that at a cellular level two states of being are recognized: growth and decay. If you're moving, the cells sense growth and do their best to take care of you; if you're sedentary, they sense this and do their best to help you survive. Exercise alone will not cause you to live longer but without exercise you will experience more pain, less joy and maybe even depression and of course you won't look so good.


The Samada Life Counselor will give you a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Try to avoid processed food if it comes in a can, a box, a bottle its processed. In most cases we do not recommend supplements the reason is as stated before your body is a chemical factory and when it recognizes that it is not necessary to break down food to get for example vitamin C then it doesn't break them down and after a while it may even forget the coding for breaking down essential vitamins if you have the right diet there is no need to become supplement dependant. Nourishment is much more than food. We're nourished by everything we take in -- our immediate environment, the scenery, conversation, music, movies. The people we spend time with our family and friends,.


The Samada counselor will prepare a "Detox" program for you that will reduce the body's toxic load and that means removing from your diet and environment whatever toxins you can: processed foods with added chemicals; animal products that carry a "biointesified and bio magnified" load of agricultural toxins. It may be found that a fast for a few days will be recommended. massage therapy. Your lymphatic system will be engaged to implement top performance in the detoxifying efforts. Sweat -- and exercise, and plenty of water will be part of the Detox program. The detox program does not only consider toxins from the food we consume but all from the exposure of toxins that may enter our mind from sight, hearing and/or trauma are to be avoided. And for these toxins that have already made their way into you and therefor are manifesting in a deleterious way upon your body and mind the counselor will effectively rid you of these type toxins by way of meditation.