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Guided Meditation
We, the human race, are becoming aware of and experiencing the creation of a new humanity, this awareness is within you and within me, it is emerging inside each one of us. It is the emerging of the sixth sense, which means that we are learning to live life by way of our immortal soul. Scientist have preferred to identified this coming awareness as the evolving of the human brain to a kind of super consciousness.



SAMADA Meditation compared to the Yoga form of Meditation: Today when most people think of meditation they think that the goal of meditation is to empty your mind of all thought and sensation, this is the yoga goal and it is very beneficial to calm the mind. However, the Samada meditation has as its goal to learn to live from your immortal soul, to live from your super consciousness this is not a message of piety or religion. The meditation and philosophy is based on logic and sciense. Soul or our super consciousness is the perception of feelings and defines the way we experience daily life. It is the glue in human communication and a field in which we all share. By becoming more aware of soul perception you make use of a much wider potential in yourself and inspiration arises enabling you to find and work their pathway to success and happiness.

Samada Meditation is a Meditation that within the Samada Philosophy takes you beyond the five senses to the place of your 6th sense that the scientific community is coming to identify as your super conscious mind and Samada Philosophy identifies as your Soul. You will find that the Samada Meditation is a powerful technique for transforming you into the person you want to be The Samada Life Philosophy program is one that will enhance all aspects of your life: Health, Wealth, Fame, Love, relationships. You will live longer, healthier, and happier. You will learn how to find happiness? How to be successful? How to properly make the right decisions by applying reason and logic? The Guided Meditation is used to clear your mind for understanding and knowledge. Samada’s Guided Meditation is a practice that gives balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Meditation is an integral part of learning to live the Samadian Life. However, it is a useful practice even for people who are not so much interested in Samada Philosophy but want to focus from within their super-consciousness to achieve their goals. People come to Samada Meditation for many reasons some are seeking relief from anxiety, stress, pain and/or answers to what may seem to be depression or confusion in their lives. Participants have found that the practice of guided soul meditation dissolves stress and enables them to makes better choices through clear thinking. Those who have been to even one session of deep meditations speak of having a higher levels of confidence and well being. The practice has also been used to attain appropriate body weight, understand family interaction and relationships, pain management, reduce blood pressure. However the most important benefit of Tantric Soul Meditation is that it opens the door to Samada Life Philosophy where you will benefit by learning how to live not instinctively but wth reasoning from your soul that will enable you to find happiness every moment, living your life adventure from the pure land of your soul.

Psychological Benefits
• Reduced stress and anxiety.
• Increased creativity and intelligence.
• Reduced depression.
• Increased learning ability, reasoning and memory.
• Reduced irritability and moodiness.
• Feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
• Increased emotional control.
• Increased self-esteem.
• Increased alertness.
• Iimproved relationships.
• Improved concentration.

Physiological Benefits

* alleviate drug/nicotine/alcohol dependency
• helps to lower blood pressure.
• Help eliminate pain of chronic diseases.
• Boost immune system.
• Lowered cholesterol levels.
• Younger biological age.
• Enhance physical abilities.




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Targeted meditation by appointment Call Dennis Francis @ 239 233 3860