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 Happiness is not success, success is aligned with Wealth, Health, Fame & being Loved. Happiness is aligned with your spiritual soul. 



Pure happiness is found when your conceptual mind is aligned in agreement with your immortal soul. Everyone seeks happiness and wants to avoid suffering, but not many people have found what brings happiness or what causes suffering. Usually we look outside ourselves, trying for material gain, new friends, different partners, a bigger house, the right clubs. Constantly searching for things that we think will make us feel better and for a time they do, but only for a time and then we are back looking for that change again. We think if only I had or if only I could. We spend almost all our time adjusting the external world, trying to make it conform to our wishes. All our life we have tried to surround our self with people and things that make us feel comfortable, secure, or stimulated, yet still we have not found pure and lasting happiness. We need to seek happiness from a different source. Samada Life Philosophy teaches that Happiness is of the soul. Therefore the beginning source of happiness is the understanding the relationship of your conceptual mind with your immortal soul. When your mind/soul is pure and peaceful you will be full of happiness, naturally in tune with the ever evolving creation, regardless of your external circumstances. So how do you capture this pure happiness? Part of the answer is to learn to live from your immortal soul rather than your mind. The fact is that your immortal soul is pure and peaceful at all times; And learning to live from your soul is an important key to happiness and until you cleanse your restless, discontented mind by aligning your mind with your immortal soul you will never find true happiness.  

I think that it is useful here to explain that there is a difference between being successful and being happy. Many people confuse success with happiness, success is of the physical world and true happiness is found only in the spirit of your immortal soul.  By following the Samada Life Philosophy you will find the method to achieve a successful physical life. Your goals of Health, Wealth, Fame and Love will be made obtainable by way of utilizing rational karmic thinking and meditation.  


Samada Life Meditation teaches that life, our existence is what we conceptualize. Concepts do not exist in matter (BRAIN) but concepts do exist in our minds. They are there as acts of our intellectual power. Hence that power must be an immaterial power, an energy not embodied in a material organ such as the brain.  Therefore, it logically follows that if our life, our existence is what we conceptualize then it is a certainly in the realm of possibilities that we are soulful, spiritual beings and our existence, our life is immortal. When you come to understand through knowledge, contemplation and meditation and experience your immortal soulful existence you will naturally enter a state of living from what I call the pure land. In this short essay it would not be possible to explain in detail the science and philosophy in support of the immortal soul theory but I will give you some clarifying explanation.  


Your concept of self, your existence is that you are made up of flesh and bone, of matter. However like all observed matter, scientifically speaking, you have no provable independent existence other than that of being observed, conceptualized. (:Heisenberg on physics 1955: “ The observed object has no existence independent of the observing. “) Therefore our existence is our minds conception. Samada Life Philosophy calls this act of conceptualizing a valid illusion.  


What is the valid illusion? Samada Philosophy has rationalized that all human souls are connected and are the essence of the karmic valid illusion that is made up from all that has been conceptualized from the Alpha, the beginning to the Tora (to now the present moment) It is easy to reason that your existence, your life at this precise moment has been predicated on an infinite number of Karmic happenings, that as an individual you had almost nothing to do with... The valid illusion can be reasonably explained as like a Karmic dream, or similar to a continuous movie adventure... in our adventure, we find that we are like actors on the world’s stage playing our assigned “karmic” rolls of parent and child, of business person, concerned citizen, of an anti social criminal, a teacher, a policeman, economically rich or poor, sick or healthy, beauty queen or bag lady, coward or courageous.


So, what should you do? BY WAY OF SOUL MEDITATION LEARN TO EXIST FROM YOUR SOUL and think of your illusionary self as an actor and enjoy the drama. Just as an actor on stage enjoys and finds his part interesting now, you should learn to live from your immortal soul and enjoy the drama, be the person you want to be, you can be heroic, courageous. Live the valid illusionary adventure as an actor while knowing that you in reality (and this is the reality) are an immortal soul... Watch yourself in happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain, sickness and health, rich and poor... whatever the Karmic adventure deals you.  To many people living the dream from your immortal soul will sound weird and unbelievable. However this is the theory that has been talked of an advanced by some of the world’s most brilliant philosophers and scientist. I think that in the not so distant future you will find that the theory of immortal soul and valid illusion will be commonly accepted as the leading possible theory of reality.   

I can guarantee you that once you learn to live by way of your immortal soul you will be at peace and in harmony with the all of creation (you will be cool) you will not worry about the world's karmic condition. You will not try to change one thing, one person. You will only want to act from your soul as a virtuous, compassionate person, continually adding good karma to the evolving creation. You will be the person you want to be, and you will find pure happiness.

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