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Dennis Francis studied existential philosophy for more than 20 years. In the spring of 1972, while leafing through a Hindi book, he noticed the Sanskrit word Samada whose translated meaning is: Self in Harmony with the All.


Later, he discovered there was a village high in the Himalayas also named Samada. The following year, with his good friend Deepak, he set out to visit the region. They were invited to the Enchey Monastery located about 75 Kilometers from the village of Samada Tibet. The Monastery is one of the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. 


Dennis visited the Monastery several times over the years. It was there he learned the power of meditation and how Soul Meditation can be used to enhance all aspects of one’s life. Through combining influences of Western and Eastern thought and applying the Soul Meditation, Dennis developed the Samada Life Philosophy. Its foundation stems from many wells of truth including organized religions, scholars of the humanities, philosophers, physicist, as well as studies of the brain and how it works. 

The Samada Life Philosophy provides a threshold to a better life.  The Soul Meditation opens a new world, a new way of thinking to direct yourself from your Soul, and to live as your soul dictates.  



“I am a pacifist. If you should be so lucky to become enlightened and live the Samada Life you too will be a pacifist, living your happy life in harmony with the Universe.”

- Dennis Francis